Standard vs. Express Delivery

Express Delivery

Express Delivery messages are sent from our short code (25827) that is directly connected to the major cell phone carriers. Express messages are fully supported by the major carriers; delivery speed and reliability is comparable to sending a text message from one cell phone to another. Currently Express delivery is not supported by some smaller carriers. Click here for current carrier coverage.

Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery messages are sent via SMTP and are NOT supported by the carriers and are dependent upon factors such as carrier server speed, web traffic, wireless carriers' network delays / downtime, cell site malfunctions, and SPAM filters. These factors can lead to delays and/or dropped messages and causes standard messages to be less reliable than Express Delivery messages. There is also NO SUPPORT available for messages sent using the Standard Delivery method. We provide this method as a legacy service for those customers who need to reach smaller carriers.

For complete pricing information, click here. For more information on message delivery and our refund policy please see our terms of use.

What am I paying for?

NightLife Texting is an online service that stores and organizes your contacts, sends and receives SMS messages and uses keywords on our shared short code. The Club Texting application provides that the text messages you send through the Service are processed correctly and delivered to the applicable wireless carrier network for final delivery. Club Texting does not deliver your messages to handsets as we do not own or operate wireless phone networks such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.

How does NightLife Texting work?

If my messages don't go through, do I get a refund?

As all message delivery relies on the wireless carriers, NightLife Texting cannot guarantee delivery or timely delivery to handsets. If messages are not correctly delivered, ClubTexting will not issue a refund. We do, however, immediately deliver your message to the proper carrier gateways for delivery.

Why do you offer Standard Delivery if you do not support it?

As a convenience we provide our customers a choice between standard and express delivery, and as a legacy service for customers who wish to send to small carriers that do not support express delivery. As a further option we allow you to set your account to Express Only so that you may receive support for all messages you send out on your account.


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