Getting Started With Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns are like email autoresponders – they allow  you to automatically send a timed series of text messages to a Group of  Contacts. The messages are sent to anyone who joins a Group that is connected  to that campaign. While you don't need a Keyword for a Drip Campaign, most  people connect a Drip Campaign to a Group which you can join via a Keyword.

Getting Started
Creating a Drip Campaign is simple: Click Advanced Features and then click Drip  Campaigns when the menu expands. The Drip Campaign page will list any existing  campaigns you have created – so you can edit them. Otherwise, click Add New  Campaign to create your first Drip Campaign

You’ll have the opportunity to name the campaign and  choose/create Group(s) to connect it to. Please note that if you don’t see any  or all of your Groups at this point, that is because those Groups already  contain Contacts. You may only connect a Drip Campaign to an empty Group. Tip: After creating your Drip Campaign  and connecting it to a new, empty Group, you can add the Contacts from another  Group.

The next step is to add messages to your Drip campaign. To  begin doing so, click Add Message. You’ll be able to:

  • Set when the message goes out. You will choose the  number of days to wait after a particular Contact has joined the Drip Campaign for  this particular message to be sent. You’ll also be able to set the time to send  the message. This prevents a situation where someone joins your Drip Campaign  at 11pm from always receiving the campaigns messages late at night. It also  allows you to make sure messages arrive at particular moments on specific days  if that is important for your campaign. 
  • Compose the message itself

After you’ve created your first message you can continue  creating messages, or if you’re done, click Save Campaign.

Editing Your Campaign
Once your campaign is active you can always add and remove  messages in the sequence, as well as edit the contents and timing of a particular  message.



  • Once a Drip Campaign is created you may not  change the Group(s) it is connected to. 
  • If you choose to connect your Drip Campaign to a  Group that typically receives its members from Keyword opt-ins, please remember  when timing your first message that those Contacts will be receiving the opt-in  confirmation text when they text in to join. 
  • As soon as a Contact is added to a Group  connected to a Drip Campaign, the first message in the series will be  scheduled. As soon as that message is sent, the next message in the series will  be scheduled, and so on.
  • If a Contact opts out or you manually remove  them from a Group connected to a Drip Campaign any scheduled and future  messages will be removed/not sent.


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