Send-From-Phone Feature

This feature allows you to send bulk text messages to any group(s) in your account directly from your cell phone. You must have a keyword in order to use this feature.

To setup Send-From-Phone:

1. Click Advanced Features. The menu will expand. Click Send-From-Phone. Select the Keyword you would like to activate Send-From-Phone for.

2. Specify the "admin" phone number(s). This is the cell phone number(s) authorized to send mass text messages to the contacts on your account. You may have up to three admin numbers.

3. Select the list(s) that you wish to send to.

4. Click Save.

Example message sent from Admin phone to 25827 (212121 in Canada): KEYWORD Hello team, all practices are canceled tonight due to thunderstorms.

All contacts on the specified list will receive a text message that says "Hello team, all practices are canceled tonight due to thunderstorms."

Note: You must have sufficient credits in your account to send messages from your phone.


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