Using The MailChimp Integration

Connecting your NightLife Texting account to MailChimp only takes a few steps. First, you'll need to grab your MailChimp API Key. After that, things should be pretty simple.

In order to ensure your Sync completes properly, please makes sure the Phone Number Field Label you have entered matches the Phone Number Field Label for the MailChimp list you would like use. For First Name, Last Name and Email, we provide you with the default MailChimp Field Labels for those fields. If you have modified the MailChimp default Field Labels you will need to modify the Labels we have provided.

To view the exact field labels in your MailChimp account:

  1. In your MailChimp account, select Lists
  2. For the desired list, use the Settings Drop Down Menu to select List Fields and Merge Tags
  3. On the List Fields and MERGE Tags page, you can view the Field Labels for all of the fields that exist for that list.
  4. Copy and paste the exact Field Label for the phone number field in your MailChimp Account, into to the field labeled ‘Label For Phone’ in the Sync Setup of your NightLife Texting account. Again, if you have changed the default Field Labels for First, Last or Email you will want to copy and paste those as well.

Finally you'll be able to choose whether you want to perform a manual sync or allow us to automatically pull in up-to-date MailChimp contacts whenever you login to NightLife Texting.

Helpful Notes!

  • We'll never overwrite data in your MailChimp account!
  • A phone number is required for a contact to be added to your NightLife Texting account as all NightLife Texting contacts require a phone number. Also, please ensure that you have the full 10 digit phone number of your contacts. The phone numbers must be a standard 10 digit US/Canadian phone number, so you won’t be able to sync any contacts outside of North America. MailChimp contacts without area codes (or anything other than a proper, 10 digit number) will be skipped during the sync.
  • If you choose to sync multiple MailChimp lists, those lists MUST use the same Field Labels for each field, as you may only enter a single set of Field Labels for your MailChimp connection. If you have multiple lists with different Field Labels the sync will only work with the list(s) that match the provided Field Labels. In this rare case you will need to manually sync each list, with the appropriate Field Labels for each list.


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