Using The Highrise Integration

To begin syncing your Highrise contacts with your NightLife Texting account you'll only need two things: your Highrise URL Subdomain and your Highrise API Key. With that info we'll connect to your Highrise account in seconds.

From there you can choose the Highrise contacts you'd like to sync by Tag, and the NightLife Texting Group you'd like to sync them to. Finally you'll be able to choose whether you want to perform a manual sync or allow us to automatically pull in up-to-date Highrise contacts whenever you login to NightLife Texting.

Helpful Notes

  • In order to sync a Highrise contact, that contact must have a phone number.
  • Phone numbers must be valid ten digit North American phone numbers (no leading 1s!)
  • We'll never overwrite any data in your Highrise account


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