Messages I Sent Aren't Arriving At Their Destination

If you sent the messages using Standard Delivery, there is no support available. Please click here for more information.

If you sent the messages using Express Delivery, there are four issues that can cause problems:

  1. First, make sure your mobile telephone carrier is on this page.

  2. NightLife Texting relies on third party systems to deliver messages. Things like network delays, cell sites, and carrier delays can all contribute to problems with deliveries. Because we use these systems, we cannot make any guarantees on delivery times. 

  3. Your mobile telephone carrier might have blocked short codes. The fastest way to resolve this is to text your keyword or the keyword HELP to 25827. If you receive an auto-response you should have no trouble receiving future messages from our system. If this does not work, we suggest calling your mobile telephone carrier and ask them to allow short codes. 

  4. Pre-paid phone plans typically do not allow sending to or receiving messages from short codes. Consult your mobile telephone carrier for more information.

Important: NightLife Texting does not guarantee delivery or timely delivery. NightLife texting is an online application that stores your contacts, organizes your contacts in groups, sends and receives SMS, and uses keywords on our shared short code. However, we do not deliver your messages to the handsets. We only deliver your messages to the mobile telephone carriers. You are paying us for the use of our application and sending messages through our gateway to the carrier’s gateway. You are not paying us for the delivery of messages, because we do not own nor operate the carrier’s gateway.


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