Using The iContact Integration

Integrating with iContact is quick and easy. 

  • To start, visit the Integrations page (found under Advanced Features in the app) and add a new Connection to iContact. 
  • Copy our App ID: Gk2M6jAO5kCUbNJ7CbOGNTV3otOAyU5M
  • Make sure you are logged in to your iContact account. Once you are logged in click the following link (it will open in a new tab) or copy-and-paste it into the address bar of a new tab: (See a screenshot below)
  • On that page you’ll paste the Application ID you copied and enter a password to use just for connecting to Nightlife Texting. When you've entered both click the Save button.
  • Return to the integration page and enter your iContact Username and the special Password you just created.
  • Select the iContact lists you'd like to sync from and the Nightlife Texting Groups you'd like to sync to.
  • Finally you'll be able to choose whether you want to perform a manual sync or allow us to automatically pull in up-to-date iContact contacts whenever you login to Nightlife Texting

Helpful Notes

  • In order to sync from an iContact list, that list must contain a field for Phone numbers. Without phone numbers we cannot match contacts between our two services
  • Phone numbers must be valid ten digit North American phone numbers (no leading 1s!)
  • We'll never overwrite any data in your iContact account

Copying The Application ID & Generating A Password Example:


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