Earning Credits For Referring New Clients

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
Not at all!  Invite any of your friends, family, colleagues & associates who would benefit from using Nightlife Texting. 

How can I refer people to sign up?
If you use AOL, Gmail, Hotmail/Live Mail or Yahoo you can automatically import your contacts.  If you don't use one of those webmail services you can paste your friends' email addresses into the refer-a-friend form. 
We also provide you with short referral links to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media websites. 

Will you store my email address password?
We do not store your email address or password when importing your contacts.  We use your email address and password to login to your account to import your contacts.

Why can’t I send more referral invites?
If you are sending a large number of invites we’ll automatically limit you at a certain point to prevent spamming.  If you are limited by our system, after 24 hours you’ll be able to continue sending invites.  You may continue to Tweet and Share your referral link in the meantime. 

When will I receive credits for referrals who sign up?
The referral credits will be typically added to your account as Additional Credits within 24 hours of your referral’s purchase. If credits aren’t added to your account within 24 hours get in touch with us.

How many credits will I earn when someone joins?
We are continually offering new referral incentives in the form of additional credits. To see how many credits you can receive for referring new clients just check the referral section of your account.

Will I earn additional credits if someone I refer continues to purchase?
No.  You will only receive the referral credits for your referral’s initial purchase.

How can I track my referrals?
Upon inviting people via email, they will be added to your account in the Refer a Friend section as NOT REGISTERED.  Upon registering with an account, their status will be changed to REGISTERED.  When they purchase any service on Ez Texting, they will become APPROVED. 

If you are Posting or Tweeting your referral link, a person will only be added upon registration with Ez Texting via the link and status shown as REGISTERED.  When they purchase any service on Ez Texting, they will become APPROVED. 

Do I earn credits if my referrals refer new subscribers?
No.  We do not offer sub-referral credits.

Why is one of my referrals showing as REJECTED?
A referral will only be rejected in the case of fraud, spamming or if you refer yourself. If you believe that we’ve incorrectly rejected a payout contact our team


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