Importing Contacts Via CSV, XLS & XLSX Files

If you'd like to follow an illustrated step-by-step guide, please click here to see our Uploading Contacts Guide. Otherwise, keep reading.

To import contact information into the NightLife Texting system using a CSV (comma separated value), or Excel, file:

  1. From the left navigation panel, Click Contacts. When the menu expands, click Mass Upload Contacts.
  2. Select the group to which you want to import the contacts in the drop-down menu, or click Create New Group. For information on creating a new group, click here.
  3. From the spreadsheet file, copy and paste your contacts into the text box. You must order the columns in your file in the following way: Number, First Name, Last Name, Email, Note. Only the telephone number is required.
  4. Click Add Phone Numbers. A message appears asking if you agree to the terms and conditions of NightLife Texting, and that all of your contacts are opt-in.
  5. If you agree, click OK.


Note: The NightLife Texting system automatically deletes any duplicate contact information.

The following characters will be automatically removed from your phone numbers :
( , ) , - , . , space


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