Importing Contacts Via A Web Widget

You can use the web widget creator to automatically collect phone numbers from your website, blog, Facebook Fan Page, or email campaigns. Your customers can input their information and it will be directly added to the group you choose in your ClubTexting account. You can create an unlimited number of widgets that connect to different groups.

The Hosted widget is similar to the old pop-up widget, but we’ve updated it with great features like:

  • Connecting to multiple Groups
  • Allowing you or your visitors to choose which Group(s) they join.
  • Automatic resizing for mobile phones and tablets
  • Automatic Short Links for Twitter and other social sharing.
  • Automatic QR Code generation

Every hosted widget you create will be listed on the widget page, so you can quickly grab a link to it or a QR code linking to it whenever you need it. The hosted widgets are stored on Amazon’s speedy cloud servers.

The embeddable widget is similar to the hosted widget expect we give you a copy of the HTML, CSS and Javascript for you to place on your website/blog. If you want to customize the appearance of the widget you’ll have a lot more freedom than in the past – though you will need a bit of basic web design knowledge to change our (sleek and improved) default styling.

The Facebook widget has been updated to use a much simpler app for your business’s or group’s page. Click here for a step-by-step guide explaining how to add the Signup Widget to your Facebook Fan Page.

For more information about importing contacts via a web link, click Web Widget Creator from the left navigation panel.


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