Using the Eventbrite Integration

Integrating with Eventbrite is quick and easy. 

  • To start, visit the Integrations page (found under Advanced Features in the app) and add a new Connection to Eventbrite. 
  • You'll be automatically redirected to Eventbrite's secure server, which will prompt you for your Eventbrite username and password (if you aren't already logged in), and ask you to authorize the Nightlife Texting app to sync contacts from your account.
  • You'll then be redirected back to the Eventbrite integration page, where you'll select the Eventbrite Event attendees you'd like to sync from and the Nightlife Texting Groups you'd like to sync to.
  • If we find matching Contacts, you can choose whether to update those Contacts in your Nightlife Texting account or not.

Helpful Notes

  • In order to sync attendees from an Eventbrite event, that attendee must have provided you with a phone number. Without phone numbers we cannot match contacts between our two services.
  • Phone numbers must be valid ten digit North American phone numbers (no leading 1s!).
  • Unlike most of our integrations, you cannot setup automatic Eventbrite syncs. Because events are ephemeral in nature, all syncs are manual. You can, of course, perform as many manual syncs as you like in the lead up to your event!
  • We'll never overwrite any data in your Eventbrite account.

Don't have an Eventbrite account? Get one now for your next event!


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