Delivery of Messages

The delivery of your messages is a two-step process. When you send your message, NightlifeTexting immediately delivers your messages to the mobile providers. Once the providers receive our messages, they can then manage delivery to each individual contact. This means that completion of the delivery process to the mobile handsets is managed by the mobile providers themselves.



There are a number of scenarios that may cause problems or delays in completing the delivery of your messages. Some of these scenarios include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Your recipient’s wireless carrier may not support delivery. For a list of supporting carriers, click here.
  2. Your recipient’s mobile phone may not be switched on or may be out of their mobile coverage area.
  3. There may be problems with cell sites or carrier delays. Once we send a message to the carrier, we rely on their systems to complete delivery to your recipient.
  4. The mobile telephone carrier might have blocked short codes for that user.
  5. Pre-paid phone plans typically do not accept messages from short codes.


Delivery reports are similar to tracking a package that you send in the mail; they can provide information about your recipient’s ability to receive your messages. When you send a package in the mail, you’re charged to ship that package whether your recipient is able to receive it or not. Sending a text blast works the same way: you’re charged for each message you send. Since we rely on your recipient and their phone carrier in order to complete delivery of your message, we cannot make delivery guarantees. However, we provide you with Delivery Reports so that you can monitor what happens once your message leaves the Nightlife Texting platform.


The delivery reports statuses will report back to you in five categories:



  • Not Sent - Opted Out: These contacts did not receive your message because they have opted out from receiving messages from the Ez Texting short code. In order for them to receive your messages, they will need to text your Keyword to 313131 to opt back in.
  • Bounced: We attempted to deliver your message, but they were rejected. This may happen if a person enables a 'Short Code Block' on their phone, meaning that their phone cannot receive messages sent from any short code. This sometimes happens inadvertently when people obtain a new number, or if they switch to a different carrier. To resolve this problem, the user would need to contact his or her wireless carrier and disable the Short Code Block on his or her account. (For information about short codes, click here.)


  1. Not Sent - No credits: There were not enough credits in your account to send your message. You have not been charged for messages with this status since there were no credits in your account.
  2. No Data: The Mobile provider of the contact has not yet replied with the delivery report confirmation (may take up to 72 hours), or the mobile provider of the contact does not support delivery reports. Many times, for this status, your message has already been delivered and we are simply waiting for a status update from the carrier.
  3. Delivered: Your message was successfully delivered. Please remember that there are factors that may result in a delay of your recipient receiving the message (e.g. your recipient’s phone being turned off or being out of its service area, etc.), even after the carrier has relayed to us that it was delivered. Most carriers will attempt to deliver your message for up to 72 hours.

Depending on the delivery status, it may be best to remove certain numbers from your contact list to avoid unnecessary charges. For more help, feel free to contact us.


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